You will be categorised as "high risk" if the health declaration form is not completed. You might want to complete it before checking again.​​
You are categorised as PUS / PUI based on your health assessment, users with high risk status will be given a health declaration for 14 continuous days and they need to complete those before their status can be converted to Low Risk No Symptoms (Low Risk) based on daily health assessments.
After completing your health declaration form upon updating your app to the latest version, your QR code will appear on your profile page.
If you are "low risk" and already have a QR code on  your profile, then you have already completed your  health declaration form.
Kindly advise why you wish to redo your health assessment :
Please provide us the following details :

Reason to redo the assesment

Kindly advise why you wish to redo your location assessment :