I have not received a date despite getting a “Thank You” display after completing the appointment slot reservation

Incorrect Identity Card (IC) or passport number entered in MySejahtera is one of the main reasons you still do not receive the date of the appointment even though you have received a "Thank You"display after booking.

To check your IC/passport information on MySejahtera, please:

  1. Go to the MySejahtera homepage
  2. Click on the 'COVID-19 Vaccination' icon on the main page
  3. Select ‘Vaccine for [your name]”

If your ID or passport details need to be updated, please:

  • Log in to your MySejahtera account
  • Click on the "MySejahtera" icon
  • Click on the "HELPDESK" icon
  • Click on "START"
  • Click on option C 'I want to update my Name, IC / Passport, User ID or delete my account'
  • Click on option A "I want to update my name & IC / Passport number"
  • Enter your USER ID details and click "NEXT"
  • Enter your USER ID & EMAIL and confirm EMAIL and click "SEND"
  • Go back to the MySejahtera homepage and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 above.
  • Edit your personal information within 24 hours.


For incorrect ID/passport entered in the booking system at during AstraZeneca registration, you can contact the National COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Line @ 1800-888-828 for updates.

If you still cannot view the appointment on MySejahtera even though the identity card/ passport number has been updated, please fill in the information below:

You are encouraged to attend the appointment that has been given to you. However, if you:

  1. CANNOT ATTEND your appointment, please answer ‘NO’ in the appointment confirmation on your MySejahtera. Your name will go back to the list of vaccine recipients under the National COVID-19 Immunization Program.
  2. WANT TO CANCEL the ‘YES’ confirmation for an appointment that has been made previously, please fill in the details below.

Why do you want to cancel your appointment :

  • ANot feeling well​
  • BDecided not to take vaccine
  • CHave other things to do
  • DTransportation Issue ​
  • EThe allocated facility is too far away
  • FOthers
Please describe your reason for cancelling your vacccination appoinment

Please fill in the details below. Please check your MySejahtera after 7 days for a new vaccination appointment date under the National COVID-19 Immunization Program.